Summary of the development of haptonomy.


1942 Having been confronted to dehumanizing experiences in connection with the deportation, Frans VELDMAN decides to commit in a scientific approach and research on the affective life of people.

1945 Official beginning of the scientific research on the affective life of people with foundation of a research institute in the Netherlands (Nijmegen).

1956/7 First teaching sessions around the practice of application of his experiences and analyses for the medical, psychological and paramedical professions in the Netherlands.

1960 Definition and introduction of the concept "Haptonomy".

1963 Founding of the "Academy of Haptonomy" in the Netherlands.

1968 The Ministry of Health of The Netherlands orders a book and film from Frans Veldman on the clinical haptonomic treatment in hospitals. Publication in 1970.

1971 Presentation at the University of Leiden for "Boerhaave Commission for continuing education"
of physicians: "Developments in the general medicine". And at the Foundation of Dr. van Hoytema, at Enschede under the same title and purpose.

1971 Presentation in the regional councils of general practitioners at the request of the regional councils of the Medical College in The Netherlands for conferences on haptonomy and its interest to physicians.
University teaching in Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Groningen to introduce the medical opinions and thought of haptonomy.

1975 First congress of haptonomy in Nijmegen "the whole man".

1978 Welcomed in France as part of the GRENN by Dr. Catherine DOLTO and Dr. Bernard THIS.

1979 Frans VELDMAN settles in France.

1980/5 Creation of CIRDH, start of training, still ongoing.
Formation of the College of Scientists and Trainers: physicians, psychiatrists, child psychiatrists, obstetrician gynecologists, pediatrician, biologists, psychologists, midwives, administrative nurses.

1984 Television documentary: "The baby is a person" with, inter alia, the perinatal haptonomy.

1989 Publication of the first book in French of Frans VELDMAN: « Haptonomie ; Science de
l’affectivité » Presses Universitaires de France.

1990 Publication of the first issue of the aperiodic review "Présence Haptonomique".

1991 First International Congress of haptonomy at the UNESCO Palace, Paris: Topic: "Impact of the haptonomic affective confirming approach on the experience of pain and the specific neuro transmitters.

1995 Second International Congress of haptonomy at the Palace of Congress, Paris: Topic: "
Human perspectives."

1995 Film: "Haptonomy, an interview with Dr. Catherine DOLTO", collection "Parole donnée",

1995 The term "Haptonomy" is included in "Le Petit Robert" and "Larousse".

1998 Participation in the university courses of the "Faculté Lariboisière Saint-Louis"  "Multiple disabilities and psychosis", "Haptonomic approach to multiple disabilities", Dr. Dominique DECANT-PAOLI. (still ongoing)

1998 7th edition of Frans VELDMAN's book completely revised: « Haptonomie ; Science de
l’affectivité ; Redécouvrir l’Humain », PUF. 8th edition 2001, 9th edition February 2007.

1999 Release of the CD: « L’haptonomie périnatale » by Dr Catherine DOLTO, Gallimard.

University courses; Psyche and Perinatal Period, University Hospital Center Antoine Beclère, Clamart; Dr.  Catherine DOLTO
University courses of Perinatal Psychiatry, Medicine Faculty Paul Broca, Bordeaux Dr. C. DOLTO University course of Maternology, Versailles, Dr. Catherine DOLTO

2000 Third International Congress of haptonomy at the Corum in MONTPELLIER: Topic:”
Haptonomy and Public Health ".

2002 Publication of "What do I know?" "Haptonomy" by Dr. Dominique DECANT-PAOLI, encyclopedic collection PUF.

2003 Book "L’Univers Affectif, haptonomie et pensée moderne" by Jean-Louis REVARDEL PUF

2004 Book: « Haptonomie amour et raison » by Frans VELDMAN, PUF.

2005 Fourth International Congress at the CNT in Paris: Topic: "What is the place of haptonomy today?"
Book: « Le Défi de la Vie » Des Presses Litéraires.
Book of Hélène SALLEZ and Bernard THIS "Tous jaloux" Edition Belin, Collection "Naître, grandir et devenir".

2006 Transmission of CIRDH in Paris June Haptonomy Symposium, Netherlands, Utrecht.

2007 Book "Comprendre l'haptonomie" by Jean-Louis REVARDEL, PUF.

2010 Book: « Empathisch-Happerceptief-Gewaarzijn. Adesse Animo » Des Presses Littéraires.
Book: « Dictionnaire de l’haptonomie » by Frans VELDMAN and André SOLER.
Book: « De la psychanalyse à l'haptonomie » by Jean-Claude MEYER and Marie-Hélène GAMBS- LAUTIER Publisher L'Harmattan.

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